Hello! I am a Philosophy Futures Postdoctoral Lecturer in philosophy at NYU. I also recently completed my PhD there, advised by Daniel Viehoff, John Richardson, and Béatrice Longuenesse. I work mainly in two areas: (1) contemporary social and political philosophy, and (2) the history of 19th and 20th century continental philosophy (and related political writing).

In my dissertation I offer an account of social alienation, a deficient way of relating to one another characterized by indifference or hostility. Following the broad Marxist tradition, I argue that alienation is structurally caused and constituted, not just bad moral behavior. I offer novel readings of Marx and Fanon, and go on to discuss social dependence, freedom, and solidarity.

My research focuses on how self-determination or self-governance, sometimes called positive freedom, can be realized in modern conditions. I follow this theme from 19th century philosophers like Kierkegaard and Marx into the philosophy of 20th century working-class, gender/sexual, and anti-colonial liberation movements. I also work on the relationship between racism, gender, and class.

You can read about some of my papers on these topics here. You can also read about my project of teaching non-canonical political philosophy from 20th century liberation movements here. My current CV is here.